HIV 1&2 Compact Test Kit

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HIV Test Kit

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HIV 1&2 Compact Test Kit

This HIV 1&2 Compact Test Kit is a proudly South African product and is approved by various international standards agencies while still being very affordable. Despite its advanced features and rigorous quality standards, this test kit remains remarkably affordable. Making it accessible to a wide range of users globally.

The test kit streamlines the testing process by requiring just one step to deliver accurate results. It’s designed for single use, ensuring each test achieves optimal precision and reliability. Key features of the kit include high specificity and sensitivity. This means that the test can accurately detect the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood sample. Minimizing the risk of false negatives or false positives.

For convenience and ease of use, the kit includes all necessary components for testing. It includes a swab, lancet for blood collection, and plaster for post-test care. This comprehensive package ensures that healthcare professionals have everything they need to conduct the test efficiently and hygienically. It’s important to note that the HIV 1&2 Compact Test Kit is intended for professional use only. Healthcare professionals trained in HIV testing procedures should administer the test to ensure accurate results and appropriate follow-up care for patients.

Overall, the Kit represents a significant advancement in HIV testing technology, offering a combination of affordability, accuracy, and ease of use. By meeting international quality standards, it provides healthcare professionals with a reliable tool for HIV diagnosis. Contributing to improved patient care and public health outcomes.

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Also Available on Makro

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