Disposable Alcohol Tester/Breathalyzer 5 pack

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Redline Disposable Alcohol Tester/Breathalyzer – 5 Pack

The Redline Disposable Alcohol Tester/Breathalyzer is an inexpensive, disposable, Australian Standards Certified breath testing device that quickly and simply provides a non-evidential indication of a minimum presence of 0.02BAC and an above or below indication against 0.05BAC.

Redline Breathalysers are not merely novelty items or gimmicks; they are essential road safety devices with extensive international technical credentials. These breathalysers help users make informed decisions about their ability to drive within the legal drink-drive limit after consuming alcohol.

Redline Breathalysers are exceptionally user-friendly. Within just two minutes, anyone can test their blood alcohol concentration to determine if they are within the legal limit. The devices require no special training to operate, making them accessible to all. Tests are conducted quickly and results are available almost immediately, providing a reliable and efficient way to ensure road safety.

Whether for personal use, workplaces, or events, Redline Breathalysers offers a critical solution for preventing drunk driving and promoting responsible alcohol consumption. By providing accurate and prompt results, these breathalyzers help keep roads safer for everyone. These breathalysers are compact and portable, making them easy to carry in a glove compartment, purse, or pocket. This portability ensures that users can test their BAC levels wherever they are.

What’s in the box
5 x Redline Breathalyzers

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