Fire Hose Reel Sign

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These Fire Hose Reel Signs are suitable for placement in various commercial, industrial, and public settings where fire safety equipment is required. They should be strategically positioned near designated fire hose reel locations, typically along exit routes, near fire exits, or in areas prone to fire hazards. Common locations include offices, factories, warehouses, laboratories, construction sites, hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and public venues. By prominently displaying these signs in visible and accessible areas, you ensure that employees, visitors, and patrons can quickly locate fire hose reels in case of emergencies.


Fire Hose Reel Sign

Enhance fire safety measures in your workplace with our SABS-approved Fire Hose Reel Sign. Measuring 19cm x 19cm, this durable sign serves as a clear indicator of the location of fire hose reels. With its bold design and universal recognition, it effectively highlights areas where firefighting equipment is available. Ensure quick access to crucial firefighting resources by prominently displaying this sign in visible locations throughout your premises.

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Dimensions 19 × 0.1 × 19 cm