Red Arrow – Directional Sign

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These Red Arrow – Directional Signs are suitable for placement in various indoor and outdoor settings where directional guidance is needed. They can be strategically positioned at intersections, hallways, corridors, entryways, parking lots, and other areas where individuals may need clear direction on where to go. Common locations include offices, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, airports, and public venues. By prominently displaying the sign in visible and accessible areas, you ensure that pedestrians and personnel can easily navigate through your premises with confidence and efficiency.


Red Arrow – Directional Sign

Improve navigation and safety in your premises with our SABS-approved Red Arrow – Directional Sign. Measuring 19cm x 19cm, this durable sign provides clear guidance and direction for pedestrians and personnel. With its bold red arrow design and universal recognition, it effectively directs individuals toward designated areas, exits, or facilities. Ensure efficient movement and emergency preparedness by prominently displaying this directional sign in key locations throughout your premises.


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 19 × 0.1 × 19 cm