Electrical First Aid Kit by Firstaider

R805.00 Including VAT

Electrical First Aid Kit by first aider

Fully comprehensive kit equip with high quality burn treatment

Suitable for

  • Onsite electricians
  • Eskom & other contractors

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Electrical First Aid Kit by Firstaider

The Electrical First Aid Kit by Firstaider is a comprehensive solution for addressing injuries related to electrical accidents. Designed to provide essential medical supplies for treating electrical burns, shocks, and other related injuries, this kit is an indispensable asset in any workplace or environment where electrical hazards are present. Packed with carefully selected items such as burn dressings, sterile gloves, antiseptic wipes, and more, this kit equips responders with the tools needed to administer immediate and effective first aid. Whether in industrial settings, construction sites, or offices, having an Electrical First Aid Kit on hand ensures prompt and appropriate care in the event of an electrical emergency.

Custom branding and colours are available on request.

Contents inside an XL Blue D600 Grab Bag (6 internal Pouches)

  • Gloves Levtex x4
  • CPR Mouthpiece x1
  • Burnshield 10cmx10cm x2
  • Burnshield 20cmx20cm x2
  • Burnshield Blanket 60cmx40cm x2
  • Cetrimide 1% Wound Cleaner 100ml x1
  • Space Blanket(Rescue)2m x1m x1
  • PVP Ointment 25g x1
  • First Aid Scissorsx1
  • Eye bath x1
  • eye gene x3
  • Tweezer metal x1
  • Safety pins Bunch of 12×1
  • Trauma dressing pads 100x100mm x2
  • Trauma dressing pads 100x200mm x2
  • FAD no3-75mm x100mm x3
  • FAD no5-150mmx200mmx3
  • EAB 2.5mx3 x1
  • Triangular Bandage Disposalble x2
  • Paper tape 25mmx3m x1,
  • Gauze swaps-75mmx75mm (5)x2
  • Instant Ice Pack- Disposable x1
  • Sterile Eyepads 6x8cm x2
  • Plaster strips (50)x1,Conf Bandage 75mm x2m x5,Midesplint Armx2
  • Pencilx1
  • bookx1
  • Cotton Wool 100gx1

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 16 cm