Regulation 7 First Aid Kit Inside Square Metal Box

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Regulation 7 First Aid Kit Inside Square Metal Box

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Regulation 7 First Aid Kit Inside Square Metal Box

The South African Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit inside square metal box conforms to the specifications outlined in Regulation 7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This legislation applies to workplaces with higher risks or larger staff numbers, necessitating a more extensive first aid kit.

Comprising an expanded array of supplies, the Regulation 7 First Aid Kit is equipped to address a broader spectrum of injuries and emergencies. Its contents typically encompass adhesive bandages, sterile gauze pads, triangular bandages, safety pins, adhesive tape, disposable gloves, antiseptic solution, CPR mouthpiece, scissors, splints, burn dressings, eye wash, and a detailed first aid manual.

Product Specifications:

Cotton Wool Roll 50g x 2
100ml Antiseptic Solution x 1
Gauze Swabs 75mmx75mm 5’s x 1
Sterile Gauzes 5’s, x 2
Metal Forceps x 1
Bandage Scissors x 1
Safety Pins 12’s x 1
Non-Woven Triangular Bandages x 4
Conforming Bandages 75mm x 4
Conforming Bandages 100mm x4
Plaster Roll 25mmx3m x 1
Non Allergenic Tape 25mmx3m x 1
Plasters Assorted x 10
First Aid Dressing No.3 x 4
First Aid Dressing No.5 x 4
Latex Gloves x 4
CPR Mouth Pieces x 2
Plastic Interlocking Splints x 2
BurnShield 10cmx10cm x 1
1 x SPILLAGE KIT: 2 x 6g Absorbent/Disinfecting Granules, 1 x Pack of Paper Towels, 4 x Nitrile Gloves, 1 x Disposal Bag.
Furthermore Includes First Aid Metal Wall Mounted Box (30cmx30cmx12cm) and First Aid Guide & Checklists


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 16 cm