Check out our wide range of various Safety Equipment we offer below!

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Safety Equipment

  • First Aid Kits

    First Aid Kits (33)

    Full variety of First Aid Kits for Bussiness and Residential including  Regulation and Non-Regulation First Aid Kits. Also available in Grab Bags, Metal Boxes and Plastic Boxes.
  • Fire Equipment

    Fire Equipment (37)

    High Quality SABS Approved Fire Extinguishers and Micellanious Fire Equipment including Smoke Detectors, Fire Sirens, Cabinates, Heavy Metal Brackets etc.
  • Paramedical Equipment

    Paramedical Equipment (18)

    Paramedical Equipment  is used for trained personal to administer emergency medial services. We have a selection of equipment that ranges from Strechers to SpineBoards, Harnesses, Life Support Kits, Oxygen Cylinders etc.
  • Personal Protection Equipment

    Personal Protection Equipment (26)

    Our range of the most common Personal Protective Items and Clothing are available for your convenience! From Hard Hats to Gloves, Overalls Eye-wear etc.
  • Burn Treatment

    Burn Treatment (7)

    Burn Treatments are used to cope and treat inguries sustained by burns. We offer complete kits as well as differnt size burn dressings and liquids.
  • First Aid Consumables

    First Aid Consumables (51)

    Individual First Aid Consumables Items for your convinience! A wide range from Bandages to Pasters, Cotton Wool, Safety Pins, EABS etc.
  • Family Safety

    Family Safety (20)

    A Variety of products to help keep your family safe at home.
  • Signage

    Signage (3)

    Signage for Business & Industrial. Safety, Information and Policey Signage.
  • Maritime

    Maritime (5)

  • Medical tests

    Medical tests (7)

    A high quality and affordable range of locally manufactured medical test and pregnancy tests. Suitable for both self testing and for use by medical professionals.