Practi-Man Advanced Dual Mode CPR Training Manikin

R4,115.00 Including VAT

Practi-Man Advanced Dual Mode CPR Training Manikin Product Features

  •  Uniquely designed dual-function Adult and Child CPR Training Torso
  • Switch between modes with manual dial
  • Dial adjusts both the depth of compressions and volume of ventilations to that of either an Adult or a Child
  • Saves you the need of having to buy separate manikins to teach both Adult and Child CPR
  • Can be used with an AED Trainer
  • One-way valve system on airway promotes excellent hygiene
  • Replaceable face and chest skin
  • Extra skins can be purchased as an addition to your Practiman and can be interchanged while cleaning
  • Excellent quality
  • Supplied with spare lungs and airway valves, as well as CPR Face Shields and Bag
  • The most cost-effective CPR Training Torso on the South African Market

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Practi-Man Advanced Dual Mode CPR Training Manikin

High quality and most cost-effective CPR Torso on the market. Manual selector dial allows the Practiman to be used for both adult and child CPR

Practi-MAN CPR Training Manikin incorporates a manual dial located on the rear of the Torso. The dial allows the user to switch between Adult and Child Modes. When the dial is turned to either mode,the depth of compressions and volume of ventilations are automatically changed to that of either an Adultor a Child.

In nearly all CPR Training Torsos, there is very little difference between the actual sizes of an Adult versus Child CPR Trainer. The most important aspects are the depth of chest compressions and the volume of air that is delivered to the lungs. Using the Practi-MAN for both applications therefore saves you the need of having to buy separate manikins to teach both Adult and Child CPR.

By using Practi-Man for both applications you will show a significant saving in costs of setting up your CPR Training Programme or replacing worn CPR Training Torsos on your current Programmes.

Practi-MAN is compatible will all Brands of AED Trainer. Another of the unique properties of Practi-MAN is the extremely durable non-porous ‘skin’. The smooth texture of the skin means that you will not end up with those messy and unsightly marks following removal of the AED Training Pads from the chest. The ‘skin’ texture also allows for easier cleaning when required. This means you will always have a clean and healthy looking CPR Training Torso which can leave a significant and lasting impression on students attending your programme. We are extremely focussed on hygiene when treating real patients, why then should it be any different with trainers?

Practi-MAN also offers a built in chest compression depth click system. This is a great teaching tool when students are trying to get the feel for the compression depth variation between Adults and Children. We also know from experience that when performing a CPR eveluation, it is not ideal for studentsto make use of a compression depth Practi-MAN Dual Function Adult and Child CPR Training Torso indicator. Practi-MAN offers this too as the mode dial can also be swicthed to non-click mode for your student evaluations(‘N” Mode). This way you can be gauranteed that your student’s evaluation will be accurate and fair. Another very unique feature on the Practi-MAN is the non-return valve systemon the airway. This system stops the student’s exhaled air (during a Rescue Breath) from being expelled from the Practi-MAN’s mouth or nose in between ventilations. This promotes excellent hygiene, which really is crucial when you have multiple students using one CPR Torso, even if Rescue Breaths are being performed using a Pocket mask.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 20 cm